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Avanti is an online gallery of Latin American art where collectors and lovers of art can purchase artworks securely from an award-winning artist. 

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The Art Gallery

The Avanti Art Gallery is a unique online gallery that was created to bring the colorful culture of Latin America to the Vail art galleries in Colorado. The main artists featured in the collection, Teresa Greve Wolf and Christina Wolf, have a passion for creating Latin American art.

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The permanent collection that is currently in our online gallery is full of colorful designs, landscapes, animals, flowers, and more. Discover the beauty of the Latin American world through the different works of our artists.

Our Mission

Avanti Art Gallery’s mission is to bring the creativity of Latin American art to Vail to cater to the strong Latino community. Our permanent collection features a unique style of art created by Teresa Greve Wolf, an award-winning artist from Santiago, Chile. 

Art Gallery In Vail, Colorado

The prominent artistic atmosphere of Vail also helps to develop a strong public education effort in order to inspire discussion and understanding centered around the visual arts and the different cultures in the community. Vail provides a public art development that encourages artists, both up-and-coming and successful, who wish to work in the public’s eye and share their unique works in ways that are most beneficial to them.

Vail, Colorado is a colorful city that not only values art, but also the expression of culture and personality of the entire community. Since art is such a large part of the community, Christina Wolfe decided an art gallery in Vail, Colorado would be the perfect place to share her mother’s artwork. Not only are there plentiful art galleries in the area, but there are also different works of art outside around the city set up for everyone to view. This atmosphere of sharing different artists’ work, like Teresa Greve Wolfe, enhances the beauty of the Vail community and helps to develop a diverse, high quality public art collection.

Our History

Christina Wolf is the daughter of artist Teresa Greve Wolf, and the founder of Avanti Art Gallery in Vail, Colorado. Christina has a dream to ultimately reveal her mother’s work to the Latin and art community of Vail. She chose Vail because it reminds her in many ways of Chile and the people can relate to her mother’s art since there is a strong Latino community there. Hopefully in the near future, the online art gallery will host a pop-up shop as well.