Meet Teresa

Teresa Greve Wolf

Image by Zane Lee

Teresa's art reflects the beauty of her Chilean culture while embracing the influences of the U.S.

Teresa Greve Wolf is a Chilean-American Artist, living and working in the Midwest. Born and raised in Santiago, Chile, she came to the U.S. four decades ago so her husband could complete his advanced degree at UC, Berkeley. The political climate in Chile caused them to stay until they decided their life was now in the U.S.

Know More About Teresa Greve Wolf

Best known for her use of bold color, and strong brush strokes, Teresa uniquely demonstrates her mastery of the acrylic paint medium. Her artwork reflects her keen interest in bold colors, strong lines, and her constant challenging of the creative process. In her work, she innovatively renders and re-interprets diverse subject matter, drawing upon various aesthetic approaches, marking techniques, and visual sources.