Artist: Teresa Greve Wolf

Size: 36"L x 48"W x 1.5"D

Medium: Acrylic 


Description: Colorful horse trotting by the ocean

The Trot

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  • “The Trot” is an acrylic painting created by Teresa Greve Wolf depicting an elegant, yellow horse trotting by the ocean in the multi-colored sand with a cool breeze. The gentle waves and bright blues of the ocean give the painting a calmness and tranquility. The deep reds, greens and oranges show the heat of the sand and accentuate the horses bright yellow and it’s beauty as it is trotting along. The different strokes of the horse compared to the strokes of the ocean and sand are what create the clear divide between the two, drawing the focus of the viewer straight to the horse and it’s strong stature.