Artist: Teresa Greve Wolf

Size: 23"w x 28" L

Medium: Acrylic


Social: @teresagrevewolf


Description: Two fruits share a plate together

All sales final.

Sweet Affection

  • All sales are final.

  • This piece of art is titled “Sweet Affection” and is a close-up of two fruits closely sharing a plate together. It is one of the few still life paintings in Teresa’s online collection and it includes a plum a peach, a plate and a cloth background. The peach is significantly darker red, while the plum presents a lighter tone, showing the vast differences between the two fruits. The background pulls everything together and is a brighter, sharper red, complimenting the lighter and darker reds. The color red a lot of the time is associated with love and affection, and the fruit is sweet, which ties in the title, “Sweet Affection.”