Artist: Teresa Greve Wolf

Size: 30"L x 40" W

Medium: Acrylic

Frame shown not included in price; Price with frame available upon request

Description: Two rose vases on a tablecloth 

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Be my Valentine

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  • “Be My Valentine” is an acrylic painting done by Teresa which depicts two rose vases holding red roses and some purple flowers, a bundle of roses on the table, a blue checkered tablecloth, and a yellow, blue and red striped background. The reflection on the glass vases shows the light shining on the flowers and table, as does the background getting lighter from left to right. The blue checkered tablecloth and the striped background of different colors provide depth to the painting whereas the flowers provide the beauty. The detail of the tablecloth folded up along with the roses sets the scene as a date, hinting at the title “Be My Valentine.”